Consulting - Best Practices. Problem Solving & Change

Consultants & Change

There are many ways that consultants provides solutions & services.

Often, you may find businesses selling products that may help a business grow - such as CRMs, Software Platforms & Accounting Systems. This is known as systems, software & processes procurement. Although this does not necessarily solve business issues from a custom business-specific perspective.

A consultant - a good one - will be able to provide access to a suite of solutions, processes & systems that are specific to your business problems, as well as provide the resources necessary for growth.

That being said, there is a consultant who solves business problems, and there is a consultant who builds on existing business structures.

You want a consultant which does both - drive change, yet keeping your business what it is. That is the art of consulting.

Best Practices to Problem Solving

In the words of Kurt Lewin, a famous change manager, psychologist & academic -'...It is easier to reduce and understand the resistors to change, rather than increasing the driving forces to change'.

When a consultant provides solutions to problems without first taking the time to understand your business, how things run, and your organisational goals, it can lead to increased stress on resources & turn out very costly. A good consultant is the one who takes the time to understand exactly how your business runs. From the day to day processes, to the corporate and/or management goals in the short, medium & long-term of the business. In this way, a consultant can drive the change you need without any new software, technology or processes. Which avoids re-training costs for staff, new legislative requirements & helps keep your business operational for business as usual.

A good consultant digs deep into your business, solves the problems then will use the gain from addressing the problems to grow your business.

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