What is Business Consulting?

"Hey, what do you do?"

"I'm a business consultant"


For those of you who are either in the industry, or do not know what a business consultant does, this is an all too familiar conversation!

A business consultant is like the handyman of your house - but for your business!

(Although you could probably find one for your house)

Business consultants are professionals in an industry, whether new or emerging, who are experts in a field that provide resources, tactics, strategies & processes to enable a business to achieve its goals.

Common fields of business consulting include -

  • Digital Transformation

  • Management Consulting

  • Law

  • HR

  • Ethics

  • Research

  • Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology are common, but there are business consultants in the Geosciences, for example, in mining)

  • Industry

Well, you get the idea. Business Consultants are EVERYWHERE.

In the common tongue, without all the fancy lingo, a business consultant is a generalist who specialises in providing direction to businesses that they know a lot about.

Business Consultants are those people whom you call, when you need expert knowledge in business. When you're sitting down thinking what the next step to take is, but are lost - you call a business consultant.

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